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Finding auto parts for Russian cars

My wife is originally from Russia and she begged me to buy a Russian brand of car for her to drive. It was quite affordable to purchase, but it can be a challenge to find auto parts when we need to replace parts. I've gotten quite good at sourcing unusual auto parts quickly and I thought it might be useful to start a blog show my tips for searching unusual car parts, particularly for Russian car brands. I hope it will be handy for anyone looking for spare auto parts to repair their car, especially for foreign and less common brands.

Essential Checks When Buying a Manifold for Your Turbo Engine Car

Buying a new car is exciting, but accessorising it can generate a whole different level of excitement. This is especially the case for first-time car owners who are looking to accessorise their new car with a manifold. Such emotion can be derived from the fact that turbo manifolds fulfil two primary needs, performance and aesthetics. Under operation, the accessory helps to channel exhaust gases to the merge collector. Such significant roles dictate that car owners be careful when purchasing a manifold. This article highlights critical checks to conduct when buying a manifold for your turbo-charged car.

Manifold Welds and Wall Thickness -- As a newbie, do not be fooled by shiny looking manifolds because physical appearance is insignificant to quality. Notably, if you cannot afford to buy a brand new manifold, take a used version to a fabricator before installation. A professional fabricator can quickly ascertain the quality of a manifold. If there is inferior welding quality or metal wall thickness, a fabricator will point it out. A fabricator can also check if the width of a manifold wall meets set standards. The reason is that a thin-walled manifold cracks easily around welded joints under high temperatures. While hiring the fabricator will cost you money, it is worth it in the long run, especially if you plan on buying a second-hand manifold.

 Port Diameter -- The diameter of a manifold partly determines the performance of a car and consequently the vehicle's exhaust system. Notably, it is typical to find that the size of a port on a manifold differs from that of the head. However, such variance should not allow impurities to get into the system and cause damage. One way to ensure that the port diameter is the same as that of the head is by comparing the ports of a new, high-quality gasket to those on the manifold. You might be tempted to use the gasket that is supplied with the manifold, but the ports on a set will be of the same size as a manifold thereby not functional.

Size -- The size of the manifold on your vehicle determines its aesthetics. If you buy a high mounted manifold for your salon car, then do not be surprised when heads turn towards your direction on a freeway. To get the right manifold for your car size and performance needs, it is advisable to have it fabricated by a professional who will combine your needs as well as those of the vehicle to produce the right turbo accessories.